Daryl Morey admits Sixers would only net role players in Ben Simmons deal

The ongoing drama between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers took another turn on Thursday when Simmons did not participate in his scheduled individual workout. He is not out indefinitely as he is not yet mentally ready to play for the Sixers again after everything that has transpired.

Simmons wants out and that is obviously clear. The Sixers would love to move Simmons and both sides can move on, but the fact of the matter is, his value is low at the moment and the Sixers will not get the value they expect in return. The off the court antics have driven his value too low for Philadelphia to get what they want.

That is why the Sixers want Simmons to return to the team. Philadelphia wants to win a title and having a guy like him out on the floor helps their chances in that regard. He is still one of the top 30 players in the game at this moment so they have to work something out.

President Daryl Morey joined Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic and he was asked about the Simmons situation to which he said:

We expect Ben to come in and move towards being able to help us on the floor because we know we know we’re a better team with Ben Simmons and we know that that’s the best plan for the team…This is a very good player, and to give ourselves the best chance to win the title, you need different makers. You don’t need role players. Right now, any sort of trade which obviously Ben Simmons wants, the best thing we can do is get role players back. That makes no sense. That will give us no better chance to win the title if we were to move Ben Simmons for role players. So, people better buckle in. This is going to go a long time because our only path, my only job is to help us to the best chance to win the title. Ben Simmons is a difference maker so to get him back, he will help us win the title. If we can trade Ben Simmons for a difference maker, we will do it. I think that’s best for everyone in this situation.

Simmons has said in the past that it is not his job to boost his trade value, but the fact is that it is his job to boost it. If he were to come in and be a good citizen while still being one of the more dynamic players in the game, it will be easier for the Sixers to move him and they will be able to get the value they want while also finding a new home for Simmons. He is doing himself no favors continuing to sit out right now.

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